Installing a New Roof: Is it Difficult?

Installing a new roof is hard work that requires physical strength and skill. Learn how professionals replace residential roofs in two days and how you can do it yourself.

Installing a New Roof: Is it Difficult?

Roofing is hard work, and it's not for the faint of heart. You need to be physically fit and not afraid of heights. Tearing off the old roof is a laborious task that requires muscle and sweat. Installing the new roof requires skill and must be done quickly to protect it from the elements.

It can be a difficult task for those with little roofing experience, but with the right tools and knowledge, it's not impossible. When replacing your roof, you must take into account the weight your trusses can support. If you have two layers of old shingles to tear off, it might be too much weight. You also need to handle the flashing, vents, drip rail, etc.

If the roof sheathing looks or feels bad, don't try to get away with not replacing it. Installing a new roof requires precision work. You must make sure that all the tiny holes in the panels of your house are sealed. DIY websites can help you with this task, but you should be aware of both the physical demands and the overall complexity of the process.

For residential homes, roof replacement usually takes two days: one day to remove the old roof and one day to install the new roof. Professional roofing contractors have to install the new roof, whatever the material. If you have t-lock shingles, you will have to replace the entire roof, as they are discontinued, but your insurance usually covers the costs. The quality of the roof is also increased because you're not putting new shingles on top of worn out ones, which means your new roof will last longer.

Your contractor will rebuild your roof after stripping it down to the 3⁄8-inch plywood sheathing or roof decking. This synthetic coating covers the entire roof deck and is the second line of defence against leaks after the shingles. You can install a new roof yourself if you have access to a cheap roof nailer from Harbor Freight and a pneumatic roof cutter from Ridgid. Tearing off an old roof offers an opportunity for your contractor to add improvements. Talk to your professional to see if he will allow you to tear off the old roof at a discount. In conclusion, installing a new roof is hard work and requires physical strength and skill.

It can take two days for professionals to replace a residential home's roof, but doing it yourself takes an indeterminate amount of time. Make sure you have all the necessary tools and knowledge before attempting this task.

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